Call us crazy, but here at WIMH HQ it's a very good sign if you turn up to a shoot/interview/date (delete as appropriate) wearing an identical item to that of your subject. So when beauty blogger Lily Pebbles answered her door in the same top Assistant Beauty Ed Sophie was wearing, well, we knew we were in for a good shoot! Much like her partner in crime, Anna Gardner of Vivianna Does Makeup, Lily is home-grown, humble and hugely talented (just the way WIMH like their girl crushes). Her youtube videos have fast become part of our weekly routine (we have to confess to missing many an important gym session last week due to a box set-style addiction to them), and her dedication to beauty blogging (she has a wall-mounted month-long plan that quite frankly puts ours to shame) is pretty inspiring. We knew you'd want as much beauty bounty from this lady as we could get our hands on, so once we were done turning her house upside down, we got to asking her about some beauty memories...

Do You Remember The First Time

My first beauty memory... I was ten, my sister was training to become a make-up artist, and I remember sneaking into the bathroom and opening the cupboard where she stored her kit. I’d take out her huge brush roll, lay it out on the floor and sit for hours playing with all the brushes. I had absolutely no idea what they were all for but I’d go through each one and pretend to put makeup on with them in the mirror. I think this was the start of my makeup brush obsession...

My first beauty influence... As cliché as it sounds, my grandmother always was (and still is) one of my greatest beauty icons. She's very glamorous, and when I was younger I loved playing at her antique dressing table - she always kept her favourites (Chanel No.5 and Revlon lipsticks) on display. She’s 83 now and doesn’t look a day over 70 - she says it’s all down to a healthy lifestyle but my fingers are firmly crossed for those genes!

My first signature scent... In a bid to keep me away from her Dior and Chanel, my mum bought me my very own perfume, Cacharel's Lou Lou (my choice), when I was nine. It came in what I thought was the coolest blue bottle and I wore it every single day to my family’s dismay... it was pretty awful. Fast forward a few years and I bought my first designer perfume, Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue, on a school trip to Italy. I wore it for most of my teenage years and would get genuinely upset if anyone else I knew wore it. It made me feel really cool and sophisticated and even to this day it it brings back teenage memories.

The first lipstick I ever bought... My friend Keisha and I eased our way into the lipstick world with a clear gloss that came in a rollerball and tasted like coconut. We bought about five each and our lips were permanently glossy for quite a few months. My first real lipstick was MAC Patisserie, which is a lovely nude that I still wear today. It’s a safe bet and a good way to ease yourself into lipstick.

The first expensive lipstick I ever bought... After spending years lusting after every new MAC lipstick and building my collection up to an embarrassing 25 or so, I thought it was about time to try a high-end lipstick. I headed straight to Dior and found the perfect match in Dior Addict 353 Blush. It’s a really pretty, everyday pink that goes with everything.

Inside, What I Heart Today HQ...

The first brand I really lost my heart to... Aside from MAC, I think I really fell hard when I discovered NARS. They seem to do everything well, their blushers are my favourite and I can’t live without the Laguna Bronzing Powder. I also love their tinted moisturiser and the Sheer Glow Foundation. Their eye shadows duos are so handy and their matte lip pencils are amazing. It’s a brand I always recommend people try because I’ve never been disappointed.

My first big beauty spend... Reading blogs is inspiring, it’s enjoyable and addictive, but mainly it’s bad for your bank balance. Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel was and still is incredibly hyped up in the blog world, and I quickly found myself lusting after it. It’s a cream bronzer that looks petrifying in the pot but when applied correctly leaves a gorgeous, subtle bronzed glow. It was expensive and hard to track down at the time but I’m glad I indulged as I still use it every summer.

The first time I took my skincare seriously... I have to admit, in my teenage years I was all about the face wipes. My mum did try to convince me to use her cleansers, but I hated the idea. It wasn’t until I was about 20 and started wearing more make-up that I took an interest in skincare, and you'll be pleased to hear I haven’t used a face wipe since. I’m lucky to have easy skin, but I still have quite an extensive morning and evening skincare routine. Some of my favourite products include the NUDE Cleansing Oil, Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask, and more recently the Clarins Advanced Extra-Firming Neck Cream. In fact, that would be my top skincare tip, don’t forget your neck, if neglected it can really show a woman’s age!

My first big beauty mistake... Well that’s easy…The Hair Episode of 1997. My two best friends had gorgeous straight, silky hair and back then it was all about the Rachel cut. I remember being so jealous of the two bits of hair that came down either side of their face, and I was determined to have them too so I cut them myself. That’s a bad idea in itself but when you have thick, curly, frizzy hair and you cut not one bit but a handful of hair it’s even worse! I ended up with one short clump of hair that stopped at my eyebrow and I had to rock that look for quite a long time - served me right.

The first time I really worked out what worked for me... I’m constantly learning new things about my skin and new ways to wear my make-up, but I’ve spent the last year editing down my daily routine so it’s a perfect fit. I’m now happier than ever with my skincare, haircare (after my recent big chop) and my make-up routine, but there's always room to replace and add so I continue trying new things every day and reporting back on how I get on.

My longest-standing beauty love... It has to be the Bobbi Brown Corrector in Light Bisque. I discovered this miracle correcting concealer about six years ago and haven’t used anything else since. It’s a peach-toned cream concealer, which means it cancels out any dark circles (which I’ve always suffered from). It blends out really well and lasts all day even when I don’t set it, so it’s definitely a make-up bag staple for me.